Dr Josephis an exceptional psychiatrist. She combines wisdom with clarity and compassion. She has the ability to see a situation for what it is – to lift away the confusion and false beliefs that can perpetuate distress and malfunction.

Her style is to work with you, at a pace that you are mentally able to handle. Her knowledge of BPD and ASD and eating disorders is vast. But it is her understanding of people, and her quickness to get right at the heart of why someone (with BPD) acts as they did at a particular moment, and what will help today, tomorrow, next month, that sets her apart. Especially when all appears lost, Dr Joseph is able to inspire self-worth.

We first sought out Dr Joseph because four years earlier, my daughter had been an inpatient at the adolescent psychiatric ward which Dr Joseph had run. My daughter, who had severe depression, but who now had an eating-disorder and self-harms, was in crisis. By now, she had been hospitalised five times; the cycle needed to end. She had stopped seeing her GP, or eating disorders team. Dr Joseph was the only person that she would agree to see. She had remembered Dr Joseph’s integrity and strength of character. She knew that couldn’t manipulate this clever, intuitive doctor – but that she would be able to work with her, honestly and courageously.

Two years on, and my daughter has a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and has seen Dr Joseph regularly. There have been tears, honesty and trust at these appointments, plus a deepening self-knowledge – and progress. There is no quick fix; and through the all-or-nothing impulsivity and irrational despair that can underpin BPD, there has been incidents of high drama that could have become unintentional suicide. But it is my belief that regular psychiatric input and especially the coping strategies that Dr Joseph has taught my daughter when she feels at crisis have enabled her to keep on keeping on; to stay safe. So there have been good times too – she got accepted into Uni, her weight has stabilised. We have hope. In fact, Dr Joseph supports us all: BPD turns the whole family inside out. It is being sucked onto a roller-coaster, when you bought a ticket for a seaside stroll . Dr Joseph continues to teach me how, as mum, I need to re-think how I function, in order to help my daughter to be able to function also. My recommendation of her is total.

gosh … that was more than a few words.

Kind regards, Gill

Dr Joseph
I have been present at several children’s diagnostic assessments for various neurological conditions such as ASD, ADHD, ADD and PDA with Dr Joseph.

In my opinion she is very professional, understanding she also listens in a non judgmental way. She is very through when gathering information for an assessment. Dr Joseph will also work with NHS professionals within your diagnosis process.

She will not give your child a diagnosis unless she can meet the cut off criteria via evidence and tests.

I trust her knowledge and value her advice. ‘

Sylvia Stanway (Voluntary supporter)

I was privileged
to receive help from Dr J for my son in his greatest hour of need. Our lives were literally falling apart and we just didn’t know what to do when some one suggested seeking help from Dr J. Dr J thoroughly and comprehensively assessed my son and started the right treatment as soon as possible. Within a short time period he started to make rapid improvement.
Our lives were turned around in a highly positive direction that we never thought we would have again .
She went out of her way to give us a huge amount of emotional support as a family and helped us to be strong during that difficult period.
The gratitude I feel to Dr J cannot ever be measured or expressed in any way. I feel as if she was an angel sent to help me when I most needed that help.
I would strongly recommend this very experienced confident , knowledgeable, kind compassionate Child and young person’s psychiatrist to those who are seeking help with mental health problems.
She also gave us appointments for reviews at reasonably early intervals which was also very reassuring.’

Thanks, Manju

Dr Joseph ‘I’ve been seeing her for around 5 years now and the improvement within my self is huge. It makes a difference being able to talk to someone who is not related to the situation and can give clear guidance and support for me to follow or to simply listen when I need her to.’

Thanks, Chloe

‘Honestly you’ve helped so much and took action quickly and it’s helped me so much and I’m feeling so much better when compared to before you took over my care.

Thanks, Shivam

‘Thank you so much for the kind email. I am very happy that I passed my exams. Without your patient help I am sure I would have had a more difficult time in passing my exams this year. Your help was immeasurable.

Thanking you very much, Hari

‘Minnie has helped me through my hardest times and taught me there is a solution to everything. I can talk to her about anything and she always knows how to solve any problems. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Minnie.’

Many thanks for your help, Alice